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We become dog trainers not by having good dogs but by having the challenging ones and learning how to work through their issues.

I have lived and worked with Rottweilers for the last nine years and it wasn’t until Lily came into my life that I truly met my match as a trainer. She has taught me all the lessons I never wanted to know! Yet these lessons have enabled me to become the trainer she needed and helped me truly understand the finer art of dog training.

Through rehabilitating Lily, I decided to take a leap and turn this passion into a career. I completed a full-time apprenticeship with Monique Anstee at the Naughty Dogge Behaviour Modification Inc. This hands-on learning approach has given me the knowledge and skills needed to work with any dog, regardless of temperament, history or problem behaviour

I also continue to attend seminars by world-renowned dog trainers, such as Sylvia Bishop, Gina Pink and Marko Koskensalo, in an effort to continually build on my education.

In addition to this training, I have an Honours Degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria. This education has proven invaluable in helping me not only understand how dogs learn and think, but also how people best learn and change.  

Regardless of what challenge your dog throws at you, I can help!

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Erinn Roll
Erinn Lee Dog Training