Does your dog lunge at other dogs on leash? Do you walk your dog at odd hours of the day to avoid any canine interactions? Is your dog overly friendly or overly fearful with other dogs?

This 12-week class is designed to teach your dog how to be a good canine citizen in a safe learning environment. We slowly retrain good social behaviours and teach you how to read and coach your dog. The first 6 weeks are spent indoors safely re-teaching social skills with other dogs. The last 6 weeks are spent applying these new skills in the real world.

While there is no quick fix for dog aggression, this class will give you the tools you need to help you and your dog succeed. 

This class is geared to teach one handler per dog, but there is always room for other family members to watch and learn as well. We accept dogs of all breeds and sizes. The first 6 weeks are held in our dog training facility in Cedar, BC. The remaining 6 weeks are held in Nanaimo, BC (location to be determined depending on time of year). 

Head-halters are required for this class to ensure a safe learning environment. 

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Our dog training facility is located in Cedar, BC – serving dogs and their owners in the Parksville, Nanaimo, Ladysmith and Duncan area.